LINN Japanese Restaurant

LINN Japanese Restaurant gives a modern and contemporary eating experience in the heart of Astoria, NY. The Head Chef Tanaka Shigenori, formerly from MASA Japanese Restaurant in Manhattan, is a culinary artist when it comes to the art of sushi making.

The crescent-shaped walnut sushi bar give us the opportunity to have the viewing pleasure of watching him creae sushi masterpieces with his delicate but quick knife skills. The food is traditional Japanese with a "modern French twist." The walls are left bare to be filled with the artwork of potential and hopeful up and coming artists of the neighborhood.

Music as well as audio/visual pieces are available as entertainment in order to complete the dining experience. The waitstaff are friendly and eager to please and the chef himself is a very delightful host and open to communication.

The candlelit space emanates a "zen" and " peaceful" feeling that is reflected in the simplicity and delicacy of the food.